Accommodation in Setagaya Shinagawa area 世田谷・品川 城南エリアのシェアハウス マンスリーアパート
Foxhole guest house & apartment

Will you reserve a room from ovevseas?
1. If you are planning to reserve a room from overseas, Please let us know about you as following.
  • - When is your date of arrival in Tokyo?
  • - What are you going to do in Japan?  Working, studying, or traveling?
  • - What kind of visa will you take, and how long are you planning to stay in Tokyo (Japan)?
  • - Is it a first time to come Japan?
  • - How did you find "Foxhole Guesthouse & Apartment"?
Also, please ask us any question.

2. You may be required to transfer deposit in order to ensure your reservation in case your moving-in is more than a month later. 3. Then we will keep the room for you and arrange the time and date of your check in.  4. Please fill up 'Lessee's information' and we make a 'Lease agreement' at your moving-in. Please show your valid passport and visa  to the house manager.
By the way, you would like to see how the house manager is like? Please check here.
Already in Japan
1. Please take a view at the guesthouse in advance your reservation. 2. If you like the room and the house, please reserve a room. 3. Before (or at) your moving-in, we receive deposit. 4. Please fill up 'Lessee's information' and sign on a 'Lease agreement' at your moving-in. And please show us your valid passport and visa.