Accommodation in Setagaya Shinagawa area 世田谷・品川 城南エリアのシェアハウス マンスリーアパート
Foxhole guest house & apartment

Futako Tamagawa guesthouse


Futako Tamagawa station (Tokyu denentoshi line)
From the station, 20min walk (or 8min by bus + 2min by walk)

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To major stations
JR Shinjuku(新宿)29min, JR Shibuya(渋谷)15min,
Tokyu line Azamino(あざみ野)11min

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Kamata4, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo   
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Monthly stay (5 rooms for PRIVATE)   

Futako Tamagawa guesthouse floor map

All rooms are used as a private room

Stated rent include all bills





Room 1

Futako Tamagawa guesthouse room 1

55,000 yen/m


Not available

Room 2

Futako Tamagawa guesthouse room 2

59,000 yen/m


Not available

Room 3

Futako Tamagawa guesthouse room 3

57,000 yen/m


Not available

Room 4

Futako Tamagawa guesthouse room 4

60,000 yen/m


Not available

Room 5

Futako Tamagawa guesthouse room 5

62,000 yen/m


Not available

  • - Rent includes utilities. No key money, no gurranter needed.
  • - Deposit 30,000yen for 1 person, refundable at your check out.
  • - Please pay full amount of rent before each monthly rental period.
  • - If couple or group renting, 15,000 yen/month per person is added on single rent price.


Common area

Kitchen, Shower room x1, Toilet x2, Common internet x1, Washing machine x1, Drier x1, Bycicle port, Juke box(YUSEN), 32inchs TV with foreign TV programmes (cable TV), Air-conditioner, and more... All for free!

Private room

Furnished room: Beds, Desk and chair, Air-conditioner, Shelf, Portable hanger, Wireless LAN

Futako Tamagawa guesthouse living room Futako Tamagawa guesthouse living room Futako Tamagawa guesthouse kitchen Futako Tamagawa guesthouse Futako Tamagawa guesthouse washing machine & drier Futako Tamagawa guesthouse shower room


This share house is located in the town where is just nearby the Tama river front with lots of green.
The town of Futako tamagawa has a kind of laid-back atmosphere but still in the heart of Tokyo.
You can enjoy cycling or jogging along Tama river area. You might find your own favorite site:)
The house is close to 100yen shop, supermarket, convenience store and so on those helps your daily life.
Good access to Shibuya, Aoyama, Omotesando, Ginza, Jiyugaoka, Oimachi and more.

In front of "Futako tamagawa" station RISE brand new shopping complex a cafe at the station KONAMI sport club On the way to Futako Tamagawa guest house On the way to Futako Tamagawa guest house