How to Reserve a room?



Will you reserve a room from ovevseas?

  • 1. If you are planning to reserve a room from overseas, Please let us know about you as following. (Please contact me by email)

    - When is your date of arrival in Tokyo?
    - What are you going to do in Japan? Working, studying, or traveling?
    - What kind of visa will you take, and how long are you planning to stay in Tokyo (Japan)?
    - How did you find "Foxhole Guesthouse & Apartment"?
    Also, please ask us any question.

  • 2. Basically, the reservation is acceptable from the date shorter than one month before your check-in date. (Please ask if another option needed)
  • 3. We send you documents for ensure your reservation. Please fill up 'Lessee's information' and 'Lease agreement' before your reservation. Your valid passport and visa must be needed. 
  • 4. We will keep the room for you and arrange the time and date for your check in.
  • 5. Please bring the deposit and the first month rent at / before your check in.

By the way, you would like to see how the house manager is like? Please check here.



Already in Japan

  • 1. Please take a view at the guesthouse in advance your reservation.
  • 2. If you like the room and the house, please reserve a room.
  • 3. Before (or at) your moving-in, we receive deposit.
  • 4. Please fill up 'Lessee's information' and sign on a 'Lease agreement' at your moving-in. And please show us your valid passport and visa.
  • 5. Please bring or transfer the first month rent at / before your check in.

  • 1. ご予約の前に現地の内見をお願いしております。
  • 2. お気に入りの部屋がございましたら予約をしてください。
  • 3. ご入居前(またはご入居時)にデポジットをお支払いただきます。
  • 4. ご入居時に「入居者情報」のご記入及び、「同意書」への署名をしていただきます。期限内のパスポートとビザをご提示いただきます。 (日本国籍の方はその他の身分証明書でも結構です)
  • 5. ご入居開始時またはご入居開始までに1ヶ月目のお家賃をお支払いください。

ハウス管理人をこちらで紹介しています。 Please check here.